Do you need a new dealership?

Like, many people, we were shocked to hear that Dover Financial Advisers has announced the closure of its AFSL, with it’s 400+ Authorised Representatives unable to provide new advice, effective from Friday 8th June 2018.

If you are an adviser with Dover, you definitely need a new home!

We know from the work done with other advisers that changing dealerships at any time has a big effect on advice firms….even more so now when there is pressure to move….and move quickly.

We are happy to hear from you if you are looking for a new dealership. If you are an adviser who genuinely wants to do the best by your clients, we may be a good fit for each other. We do expect a high standard, a “no dickhead policy” if you like! To save your time and ours please review our onboarding requirements here.

One of the first things we would advise you to do NOW is to arrange a compliance reference from Dover ASAP. We offer a form to help with this here

We have a FAQ page which will help to answer some of your initial questions before you call us.

Once you’ve done your research, please feel free to give me a call on 0409 666 065 or send me an email at

Interactive infographic on the ins and outs of the Federal Budget 2017

As you all know the federal budget was released last night and we wanted to make sure that you’re across everything that’s relevant to you.
We have again teamed up with doodler to give you a down to earth infographic on how the budget may affect you.

No jargon and no politicians. Just the important stuff that you need to know… always, the devil is in the details.

If you have questions about how the budget may impact you, please feel free to reach out and talk to us.

Ladies & Gentlemen looks like we have a new President of the USA (God help us)

market-reactionGoodness what crazy day for America and more than likely the world, with the election of Donald Trump as USA’s next President – an outcome that again caught most people around the world by surprise. It appears just like Brexit people are looking to send a message to politicians around the world. Are you listening Australian Pollies?

The question now is; what will a Trump presidency look like, and how will the cards fall after an incredible day?

1. Fear of the unknown will effect to market certainly in the short to medium term.

2. Trump “Policies”, which in the main are short on detail. We kinda know he plans –
– to increase spending; particularly on defence and infrastructure
– halving the company tax rate for businesses,
– introduction of tariffs to protect local manufacturing

3. Trump’s the businessman; indicators show that he is business friendly which could be supportive effect on the market.

4. For the first time on 8 years the Trump win, we hand the Republican’s control of Congress, this could see money flow back into USA corporates. This could be a good thing.

It’s going to be interesting to watch what is going to happen and this is the frustrating thing as we can only “watch” as all this is totally out of all our hands.

Brexit stage right…..

Brexit stage right…..

Brexit is now a word planted firmly in everyone’s mind. Particularly now that the “retain or leave” poll last Thursday resulted in the UK voting 52% to leave the EU.

So after binge listening to several podcasts over the last 2 days and reading many article I can clearly state the background and immediate result of the decision is pretty much a monumental cluster f@&k. So to spare you I won’t go back over the why and wheres, the how and when as there are hours and hours of print, video and audio material available.

The real question is, what now?

Well, if you are currently part of David Cameron’s support team…you had better start making some career and financial decisions as you more than likely won’t have a job very soon, now that David has made the right decision to resign as UK PM.

For the rest of us it is very much a wait and see exercise. None of the key “leave” players e.g. Boris Johnson, have previously or immediately outlined any plan. This is clearly disturbing, particularly for the stock and investment markets. We all just have to watch and wait to see what is going to happen.

One thing for sure is the market has reacted (and will continue to react) and we will more than likely see some short to medium market volatility.
What does this mean to you and your investments?

Well, unless you need every single dollar you own cashed out tomorrow then we are very much in a watch and monitor pattern. You never know, there just might be some good buying opportunities over the coming days or weeks. The fundamentals for us here in Australia pretty much are situation normal….well other than we have a federal election looming next weekend. #DontForgetToVote

While our markets are affected by global events, mostly our market are local in nature.

If you are concerned, as always, I’m happy to take your call.

If anything really dramatic happens (not sure how more dramatic things can be compared to the Brexit) we’ll be in touch.

Advice 2.0: Upgrading the Advice Process

Advice 2.0: Upgrading the Advice Process

Recently riskinfo, one of the financial news outlet publishers, ran a “virtual roundtable” where 6 key people within the financial industry discussed Advice 2.0: Upgrading the advice process.
This topic is music to our ears as we see that the advice process is moving on and technology is slowing making it easier and more affordable for advice to be delivered. It was great to have Fraser Jack giving his insights.

The way we see it is, if we embrace change and if change can be used to help clients engage with how their money works then why not? Hopefully it will also help them to make the most of the money they have.

I know many advisers who are shit scared of what will happen when automated advice becomes the norm within Australia. Instead of looking at this as a threat, they should be looking at where and how they add value to their clients today.

Here is the link to the the virtual discussion: Riskinfo Roundtable: Advice 2.0

Great decision.

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